Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G
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hodnocení: iPhone/iPad App - Baby Monitor 3Ghodnocení: iPhone/iPad App - Baby Monitor 3Ghodnocení: iPhone/iPad App - Baby Monitor 3Ghodnocení: iPhone/iPad App - Baby Monitor 3Ghodnocení: iPhone/iPad App - Baby Monitor 3G 24 hodnocení
Datum vydání: 17 leden 2012
Firma: TappyTaps s.r.o.
Velikost: 38.81 MB
Verze: 1.5
Typ aplikace: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


The "Baby Monitor 3G" is the first genuine Baby Monitor on App Store that works over any network - WiFi, 3G, Edge and CDMA. Reliable & feature rich.

-- was New & Noteworthy in UK, Canada, Ireland and many others contries! --
## Was App Of The Week in Germany and Austria! ##

See video how it works & more information at

>>> Reviewed and recommended by, and others - ★★★★★! <<<

• 2-way audio communication with your child
• Baby Voice Booster to amplify any noise that your child makes
• Baby Camera function to see what is happening in the baby's room
• Easy to set up, easy to use
• No distance limitations
• Supports iPhone 3G and above -- anything that can run iOS 4.2

NOTE: You do not have to buy the application several times (for each device) -- just use iTunes home sharing or use the same iTunes account to download this application onto more devices.

✔✔ Easy to Use ✔✔

Just install "Baby Monitor 3G" on two iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are all supported) and use them as a GENUINE Baby Monitor! One device will stay in baby's room as the Baby Station, while the second device remains with you as the Parent Station. You will be able to hear immediately what is happening in the baby's room, you can take photographs remotely to see whether your baby is sleeping, and you can even talk to your baby.

All this with unlimited range and using any available network (Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, and so on). You are no longer limited to one Wi-Fi network that has all Baby Monitor applications in the AppStore!

▷▷ Why is support for any network so important? ◁◁
• When on vacation, you can go to a place such as a restaurant where there is a weak or no Wi-Fi signal
• Perhaps you want to leave your child asleep in the garden where there is possibly no Wi-Fi Signal
• Occasionally in some areas, Wi-Fi is overloaded. This is not a problem as Baby Monitor 3G can automatically use any other available network

It means fewer limitations and better reliability.

What we focused on most is reliability. Network connections can fail occasionally, and you want to know whether something like this is likely to happen. With the "Baby Monitor 3G" we have carefully identified all the fail scenarios and if some of them occur, you will be informed with both audio and a visual signal.

Maybe you are still unsure about buying this application from us. We have plenty of experience with Baby Monitors on mobile phones. Our phone-calling Baby Monitor & Alarm device has been in the AppStore for more than two years and has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5.

▷▷ Notes ◁◁
• The "Baby Monitor 3G" is universal application - it works on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad as well!
• The "Baby Monitor 3G" is designed to help you with your babysitting, but it is not a substitute for genuine human care.
• We would love to hear your feedback. We would also like to hear of additional feature ideas from our customers. Please drop us e-mail at
• We cannot reply to reviews in AppStore, but please contact us directly, if you have any problem with our application.

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