Flirt Radar

Flirt Radar
Kategorie: Sociální sítě
Žádná hodnocení
Datum vydání: 25 listopad 2014
Firma: Web Site Design s.r.o.
Velikost: 15.38 MB
Verze: 1.0.2
Typ aplikace: iPhone / iPod Touch


Flirt Radar - drink or something more ...?

Flirt Radar is an application that will help you to find interesting people.

Select what now captures your emotions, what do you want right now:

- Meeting
- Drink
- Flirt
- Flirt++

Flirt Radar searches for those people who are "tuned" as well as you.
The rest is just your charm :)


- Interactive map with possible "guys"
- Audio and video alers to new objects in your area
- Notification settings (meet, drink, flirt, flirt ++)
- List of objects in your area

Are you interested in possible flirts within a radius of for example 1 mile?
In this case, the extended version of the application is suitable for you.

Extended version pricing:

information regarding non-consumable In-App Purchase:

- Title of service: Flirt Radar Alerts
- Price: 0,89 EUR / one time payment
- Non-consumable In-App Purchases only need to be purchased once by users.

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Thank you for your support.

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