Rabbit Tooth

Rabbit Tooth
Kategorie: Péče o zdraví a Fitness
Žádná hodnocení
Datum vydání: 9 duben 2019
Firma: Ryan Adam
Velikost: 36.19 MB
Verze: 1.0.1
Typ aplikace: iPhone / iPod Touch


Record your daily physical data through Rabbit Tooth APP and Hand Ring. You can view your health analysis, save records, achieve goals and share changes in light sports products at any time.
The bracelet will record your daily, weekly and monthly activity step curve, activity step, activity mileage, calorie consumption data statistics; the daily sleep of deep sleep, shallow sleep analysis bar chart, sleep length, deep sleep length, shallow sleep length of data statistics; daily calorie intake.
1. App integrates health app functions. HealthKit will have a clear pop-up window when choosing authorization. We need your authorization so that we can write the data of the bracelet to Apple Health.
2. Continuous positioning function will be used in the process of starting the movement. This function requires the power consumption of the mobile phone. Please turn it off in time to facilitate the continuity of the power consumption of the mobile phone.

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