mapipo 8

mapipo 8
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Datum vydání: 5 říjen 2014
Firma: mapipo office
Velikost: 100.75 MB
Verze: 10.3.0
Typ aplikace: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


mapipo® - The Complete Audio, Visual & Navigation -

mapipo® is a AV&N (Audio, Visual & Navigation) application for iPhone/iPad.

~Function overview~

・Great maps, substantial informations, full screen mode.
・Dual Maps.
・3 types of map. Standard, satellite, and hybrid.
・4 types of layers on map. Traffic, Transit, Bicycle, and Street view area.
・Easy access to the functions. Only long pressing on the map. Set location, display street view, and more...

【Street view】
・The first app that support continuous walk through mode by long pressing. Automatic control of turning angle. Human like moving, not like as a crab.
・A kind view point. View point is in front of crossing when waypoint is selected. Not on the center of crossing.
・You can simulate and understand the route before driving. It's very safety.
・Map and street view can display both. Window separator can change the display area balance.
・Map angle can be followed by street view viewing angle. You never get lost.

・Fine tuned 4 modes. Car, Walk, Transit, Bicycle.
 Bicycling mode is available in UK, USA, France, Germany and some countries. You will know available area by displaying bicycling layer.
・User defined 7 pass points. "Pass" button always be able to add pass point on the route. You can make your way. Of course can be used for escaping traffic jams.
・When you forget turning point and go straight, then auto reroute triggers, you may feel that next pass point you set is out of date and no necessary. No problem, "-1" button removes nearest pass point very smoothly. Again, you never get lost.
・Can save route configurations including pass points to shortcuts or Contacts.

【AV capability】
・Do you like music? This app can select music or video library. No need to change to music/video apps.
・Left/right flick on D-Pad can skip song. You can replay same song from start very easily.
・You don't need AV? AV capability can be ignored by settings.

・Parking location reminder. Auto record location when pressing home button after parking or switch to walk mode. You do not need to remember to record external Parking location reminder app. This app records location appropriate timing.
・Parking memo function is useful for indoor parking.
・Customized button/theme color.
・Support landscape.
・Keep backlighting. Ignore auto lock while using this app.
・Support proximity sensor to show/hide Street View, back to current location, or showing menu (iPhone portrait only, default:off) .
・Support electric compass.


【Before using this app】
You need to agree the terms in "Menu/Other/App Info/Info/OK" before start using this app.
Driver must not operate this application while driving for safety.
Developer of this app does not take any responsibility for accident, injured, loss because of wrong route guidance, and so on.
Your use of this real time route guidance application is at your sole risk.

【Display Map】
Cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required in order to show map.
GPS signals are required in order to show current location.
Location data may not be accurate.

【About services】
Navigation services may be stopped by unavoidable circumstances.

【mapipo® GT】
When connecting to mapipo® GT, mapipo® will try to update GPS information even if in background task.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
To avoid this, please disconnect from mapipo® GT after using this app.

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