Haunted Town Escape 4

Haunted Town Escape 4
Kategorie: Hry
Žádná hodnocení
Datum vydání: 30 duben 2017
Firma: YongQiang Cai
Velikost: 37.77 MB
Verze: 1.0
Typ aplikace: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


Dusk comes, the evil will rule the world.

You should escape from wild as soon as possible.

Be on your guard against the zombie, vampire and werewolf......

《 Haunted Town Escap 》 is one of the most mysterious and horible room escape game you will ever play.

Try to unfold the story and mysteriouse behind the rooms.

Tap on the arrows to navigate the room.Interact with objects by tapping.Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.

Be careful!

+ Free
+ Hidden object
+ Full of challenge
+ Classic Escape

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