iPhone/iPad: LI QIN

龙腾烈焰奇侠传 - 烈火魔域对决动作游戏

龙腾烈焰奇侠传 - 烈火魔域对决动作游戏
Kategorie: Hry
Žádná hodnocení
Firma: LI QIN
Datum vydání: 22 květen 2018
Typ aplikace: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

[game features]
Inherit classic gameplay while enhancing your PK experience! 99% of the scene open unlimited PK! More camp warfare, martial arts hegemony, imperial city hegemony and other blood PVP game play open every day! Unique sliding lock purpose function, let you put every enemy with you rush to blame, but also allows you to kill BOSS in the melee, won the gods...